CEO Greetings

CEO Greetings

STAROBOT, which aims to be the “Leading Company of Manufacturing Robot”, is doing its best to increase the productivity of customer’s industrial sites, and will contribute to strengthening competitiveness through high-functioning and diversifying products, securing strong price competitiveness and intelligence of customer’s equipment and industrial sites.

STAROBOT develops and supplies industry-leading products.

In particular, in order to develop and produce innovative products, we continue
to develop and apply innovative new technologies such as machinery, electrical
and electronic design technologies, and easy-to-use and convenient software that determine productivity and reliability.

In addition, STAROBOT has a complete and prompt support system for various
needs at customer sites, and provides essential products and services in a timely manner in various industries such as automotive and precision equipment such
as secondary batteries, electronic components and camera modules, display and semiconductor industries, as well as home appliances, food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

STAROBOT will strive to grow and fulfill its social responsibility by pursuing
customer trust as its core value.

Furthermore, we ask for your continued guidance and support to become a
company that continuously contributes to the development of robots and front industries in Korea and presents a new vision.

Thank you.